DSY Installment 3 – A renegade view of school with Thaddeus Russell

A detailed discussion with Thaddeus Russell on school history, renegade history, and alternatives in education.

Thaddeus is the author of “A Renegade History of the United States” and founder of Renegade University. He works as a college professor teaching history and other topics.

Show outline below:

  • Schooling and deschooling as college age and older adult
  • Historical perspective – renegade
  • Cultural norms, personal behavior, obedience and its relationship to schooling and cultural history
  • Conservatism and control, the necessity of school to protect community values/norms
  • Is being renegade about getting out of the schooled mindset
  • Your personal experiences with schooling, deschooling, university, etc.,
  • The role of learning for adults, how to learn better, how to love learning
  • Your view on how education can or should happen
  • Your view as a parent
  • Renegade University, if you are ready to talk about it
  • Anything else that comes to mind in this vein.

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