DSY Installment 8 – Getting help and helping out

In this installment, we explore getting help with deschooling and helping others, including spouses and children.


Outline notes below, don’t read for search only:

Helping others deschool

  • How to talk with others about school and deschooling
    • Convincing them
    • Not pissing them off
  • Friends and family
  • Your parents
  • Homeschooling your children


What if you are currently in college or high school?

  • If you went
  • If you are in school
  • Options for pre-college people
  • Not going/dropping out/rising above
  • Praxis and other programs



  • Our recommend reading/media list





Peter Gray

Productivity and success books

  • 4HWW, Getting things done
  • Napoleon Hill

Nathaniel Branden, six pillars of self esteem


Renegade University

Praxis blog

Don’t do stuff you hate

Zak and Jeff

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