DSY Installment 7 – Jumping off the conveyor belt: Deschooling in action with T.K. Coleman

Praxis Education Director T.K. Coleman joins us to talk about next steps in the deschooling process.

Outline text below:


Self-analysis – Deciding whether you are a school

  • Do you have wounds from school? Are you schooled (we’ve covered this, but it should be a formal self-analysis with serious thought)
  • Do you desire individuation? Do you desire to deschool


Getting rid of school behavior and thought process

  • Releasing the school/work mentality
  • Get off the conveyor belt (or the treadmill)
  • Developing intrinsic self-esteem
  • Knowing what you don’t want to do
  • Rejecting appeals to authority
  • Reassessing obligation
  • Decoupling your identity from school, university and job


Lifetime learning

  • Rekindling a love of learning
  • Just in time learning vs. just in case learning
  • Getting an education
  • Becoming the learner that fits you


Taking control of your life

  • Creating and value creation
  • Entrepreneurship or the entrepreneur heart.
  • Rethinking your schedule
  • Ending permission-seeking
  • Willingness to accept the possibility that what you love is something you have yet to discover
  • Embracing risk
  • Calculating the cost of risk and change (there’s usually none)
  • Creating your own voice (writing, podcasting, video)



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